Kneeling At Work: A Submission

Kneeling at work: A submission

by Jeff Machthe kneel in the mind.

Kneel for me at work today.

It’s likely not safe for you to do so physically, and even if it is, that’s not the kneel I want.

What’s more important is this:

In your head, remember each part of the movements necessary to enter that kneel.  Know where every part of your body is.  Sense the pieces which move when you fill them with volition; feel them with your mind.

Activate the sinews in your legs, almost, but not quite, to the point of movement – as if they were preparing to move.  Let yourself visualize the movement.   Feel your legs bending.  Feel the ground or floor.  Feel pressure from your underside pushing down on your calves and heels.

Feel your head straightening over your stomach.  Tell your mind to make the motions necessary for your hands to move and come to rest on your legs, positioned precisely as you want them.

Give me a perfect kneel.  Give it to me in your mind.  Feel every piece of the motion, and then feel yourself in that kneel.  And remember who and what you are.  And why you kneel.

Be that kneeling person.  Without any movement others can see, without display for anyone – just inside you, where your submission begins.

Anger as a submission

Offering of anger: a submission

by Jeff Mach

(In 2016, I saw the wave of rising anger in the kink community, and thought we might talk it out.  We couldn’t have done so.  But I see why people did.  This is a reminder of what I said then; it’s valuable today):

If I fuck up with you, and you’re submissive to me, make me an offering of your anger.

If you feel that anger is justified, if you feel it is the best response, then don’t hold it back out of a thought that withholding is more submissive.  I have mentioned before: I don’t need meekness in and of itself.  Humility can be a virtue, and so can self-abnegation, but neither one is automatically a universal good – not in a submissive or slave, not in anyone.

If you have an anger that will build up and get worse inside you, don’t try to clamp it down unless you have some way of releasing that energy.  Because if you don’t, it will simply come out anyway – towards you, towards me, towards someone uninvolved.  Anger can be dissipated, but not in every circumstance, and not by everyone.  Anger which is present but unexpressed may not, in fact, be a desirable offering.

If you have an anger which can express itself in positive ways, then express it.

If you have an anger of which you should let go, then let it go.  Ask me for help if you’d like.  I’ll try to help.

Don’t hold back because it’s “not submissive”.  You can hold back because it’s unproductive, because it’s unhelpful, because it’s not what you want to do and you have a better plan for using that energy.  But don’t hold back simply because you think you “shouldn’t” be angry.  With anger, as with fear, as with hope, as with lust, *experience what you experience, and learn to guide it into the best possible outcome for us both, with communication and complicity and mutual effort*.

That is the submission I want.