Kneeling At Work: A Submission

Kneeling at work: A submission

by Jeff Machthe kneel in the mind.

Kneel for me at work today.

It’s likely not safe for you to do so physically, and even if it is, that’s not the kneel I want.

What’s more important is this:

In your head, remember each part of the movements necessary to enter that kneel.  Know where every part of your body is.  Sense the pieces which move when you fill them with volition; feel them with your mind.

Activate the sinews in your legs, almost, but not quite, to the point of movement – as if they were preparing to move.  Let yourself visualize the movement.   Feel your legs bending.  Feel the ground or floor.  Feel pressure from your underside pushing down on your calves and heels.

Feel your head straightening over your stomach.  Tell your mind to make the motions necessary for your hands to move and come to rest on your legs, positioned precisely as you want them.

Give me a perfect kneel.  Give it to me in your mind.  Feel every piece of the motion, and then feel yourself in that kneel.  And remember who and what you are.  And why you kneel.

Be that kneeling person.  Without any movement others can see, without display for anyone – just inside you, where your submission begins.

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