A is for Abrasion

Torn; abrasion.(You don’t often read kink about abrasion, even though it’s, quite literally, one of the first kinks you’ll see listed in most place, purely due to alphabetization.  This is the first part in an infrequent series where I pick pieces off one of the standard BDSM checklists which have been floating through the internet for the last several decades (I think I first saw one there over twenty years ago) and do a bit of writing on the subject.  I actually have more than a few challenges with checklists (and they seem to have fallen out of fashion in a lot of places)–but I think they’re an interesting starting point.

Here’s a very short kink vignette. I hope you enjoy it.)

You had some idea I’d be spanking you with the hairbrush; it’s traditional, even if hairbrushes don’t really have the kind of weight balance one might prefer.  There’s a little too much heft, concentrated in a slightly too-compact area, a little more like a fist than a paddle.

Perhaps you thought it was foreplay, as I began to apply the stiff, stiff bristles to where you are tender.

It isn’t.

This is not a few smacks and a fuck.  It’s not something out of porn, where every action is made dramatic, to play to the camera.  Nor is this something from a mass-market magazine, giving you helpful hints to spice up your love life.  This is a particular, personal reality, and a lesson in submission.  It is the slow process of teaching, first your mind, and then your muscle memory, that there are no real limits to pain of pleasure, except unconsciousness. I can keep this going all night–literally.  It’s not much work for me.  For you, it’s a constant pressure on your skin, a tugging, twisting pull, an almost-tear.  I never quite apply enough force to dig through the surface, and I never quite pull away long enough for the flesh to release.

Abrasion wakes the skin. Done sensually, it teases.  Taken to its logical extension, it would eventually strip you to the bone.

And that is what are going to do–not to your body, as that would be impractical for the continuance of our play–but to your mind.  We’re going to strip away the roles that have been imposed on you by the outside world, tearing off the mask, revealing the surging, voracious strength and appetite which lie underneath.

Goodbye, sweet princess.

Hello, captive dragon.


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